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If you are struggling with a Nortel Symposium, or SCCS or an Avaya AACC scripting issue, contact GDS.  You will be amazed at what we can accomplish in a short period of time.

GDS communications, Inc. is pleased to announce a special offer to new Symposium, SCCS, or Avaya AACC customers that have questions or concerns about their scripting.  We will review a Symposium or AACC script (up to 3 printed pages) for a fixed rate of $100 per script.  Please call for a discounted rate if your script or scripts are larger than 3 pages.  We have 1 customer with between 7000 and 8000 DNIS digits, that are handled by the Symposium Call Center Server.  If any changes need to be made to the scripts, a discounted, new customer rate will apply.


Our goal with this offer is to meet potential customers that may be able to take advantage of the many Symposium, Contact Center Manager, and Avaya AACC services that we offer.  We are aware that there are many ways to efficiently accomplish the same thing within a Symposium script.  If your scripts are done in a style that differs from our style, but is efficient, we will not suggest any changes to your scripts.  We know that Nortel Symposium, Contact Center Manager 6.0, and Avaya AACC 6.1 are very powerful and capable Contact Center solutions, and we want to maximize your benefit from it.


Our experience with Nortel Call Centers began in 1993.  We have been working on Nortel Symposium since release 1.0.  We are Symposium specialists and want you to get the maximum benefit from your investment in Nortel Symposium software and hardware.  We have provided Symposium scripting, upgrades, training and consulting for many large and small companies across the United States.  We will happily provide customer references on request.


This discounted rate is limited to new, Symposium, Contact Center 6.0, or Avaya AACC end users. If you are a vendor, we will happily work through you to help your customers maximize the benefit from their Contact Center 6.0 investment.


Check out our easy to use contact form!



Scripting Notes

1. The scripting is one of the most critical components in your Symposium Call Center Server.  If you're not happy with what your SCCS is doing you might need to revise your scripts.


2. If you are using the Database Integration Wizard and need HDX scripting help, please give us a call.


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