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I need general Symposium Web Client information.


What are the benefits of Symposium Web Client?


How long does it take to completely implement Symposium Web Client?


I need general Symposium Web Client Information.

Nortel Symposium Web Client is a product that improves the way managers and supervisors interact with the Nortel Symposium Call Center Server.  Supervisors, managers and desktop support personnel all benefit from adding Symposium Web Client.  Symposium Web Client eliminates the need to maintain and support the legacy client on every supervisors and managers PC.  Due to the enhancements and interface changes in Nortel Symposium Web Client, even experienced Symposium legacy client users need Symposium Web Client training.  GDS offers a Nortel Web Client upgrade class for your experienced Symposium supervisors and managers.


We have assisted in a nationwide Symposium Web Client roll out to over 17 large call centers across the country.  We have learned the benefits and limitations of running Symposium Web Client with Symposium on a large network. 

What are the benefits of Symposium Web Client?.

Here are some of the benefits of Nortel Symposium Web Client


Supervisors and managers no longer need special software loaded on their PC


Less desktop maintenance for the IT department


Supervisor can log on to Nortel Symposium Web Client from any PC with Internet Explorer


Skillset and Application displays can be filtered to show only relevant information for each supervisor


Agent real time displays are enhanced

  1. DN dialed by agents on outbound calls is now displayed

  2. Number of skillset calls answered by the agent is now displayed


Graphical displays are enhanced

  1. Many Pie charts are available

  2. Many Bar charts are available


If you would like a small Powerpoint presentation that shows all the benefits of Nortel Symposium Web Client, please contact us.

How long does it take to completely implement Symposium Web Client?

The installation of your Symposium Web Client, with on-site training for your Managers and Supervisors can be completed in as little as 3 days, for smaller centers with less than 12 supervisors.  We can provide customized, on-site Nortel Web Client training, and we can also install your Nortel Symposium Web Client.  Our knowledge of  Symposium products will save you time and money!


Check out our easy to use contact form!



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