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GDS can provide the following services for your Nortel based call center:

bulletProvide on-site Symposium Call Center Server training for Supervisors and Administrators
bulletProvide on-site Symposium Web Client training for Supervisors and Administrators
bulletInstall, program and upgrade the Symposium Call Center Server hardware and software
bulletInstall, program and upgrade the Symposium Web Client hardware and software
bulletWrite the Symposium Call Center Server scripts, including HDX scripting for CTI applications
bulletInstall and Program the Symposium Database Integration Wizard
bulletCreate CTI applications using the Symposium Database Integration Wizard
bulletInstall and Program the Symposium Web Portal
bulletCollect the Symposium Call Center Server database
bulletNetwork multiple Symposium Call Center Server sites
bulletWrite custom Crystal reports for the Symposium Call Center Server and Web Client Server
bulletProvide Symposium Call Center Server cut over support


When GDS assists with any of the above tasks, our goal is to provide the best, customized implementation that is suited to your particular call center's needs.  While all call centers are similar from a very high level; the way they service and handle their customers until they are answered differs widely.  These extreme variances reflect the product's versatility and complexity, and this makes our job infinitely interesting.    GDS specializes in helping you get the most from your investment in Symposium.  We understand Symposium and will work with your call center managers, Voice and IT department, and other interested parties to give you the best Symposium implementation with the fewest headaches.  We will minimize your stress levels and work to quickly resolve any issues that arise.  We have seen customers and vendors, struggle with relatively simple issues that can be resolved in a very brief period of time.

The 2 most important aspects of your Symposium installation

bulletScripting and Reports


The scripts and reports are combined because they are so closely related to each other.  The reports may never be "correct" if the scripts weren't written with an understanding of the reporting needs of the call center.  Without the proper scripting, you may never be able to see certain information on the Symposium reports.  The training is also important because if supervisors and managers do not know how to read the reports and real time displays, they may not know what is really going on in the call center.  The most important services that we provide are training, scripting and custom crystal reports.


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